Over-Coached and Out of Touch, Ballard Continues to Falter

INDIANAPOLIS – Marion County Democratic Party Chairman Ed Treacy released today the following statement:

Despite Kyle Walker’s plaintive wailings, Mayor Greg Ballard isn’t cut out for the job of leading our city.  At each public appearance, he shows more of his blubbering ways.  35,000 jobs lost, and the out-of-touch Mayor continues to say jobs that may not materialize five years hence is enough.  Aggravated assaults are way up and Forbes Magazine has ranked Indianapolis among the most dangerous cities in the country.  But Ballard still withholds data from the FBI and, reminiscent of Chip Diller at the end of Animal House, says all is well.   Perhaps most troubling, though, is that Greg Ballard sat silently as $14 million dollars was taken from our kids’ classrooms, and Indianapolis’ schools continue to struggle.

Kyle Walker can continue to make outlandish claims about the Mayor’s successes, but like the failures of the last four years, 33 days from now, Greg Ballard will be an electoral failure.