Kennedy Dominates First Debate with Ballard

Mayor Looks Tired, Frustrated, and Perplexed

INDIANAPOLIS – Marion County Democratic Party Chairman Ed Treacy released today the following statement regarding the noontime mayoral debate between Democratic Nominee Melina Kennedy and Tea Party Mayor Greg Ballard:

In a Mayoral Debate sponsored by the Rotary Club of Indianapolis today, Democratic Mayoral Nominee Melina Kennedy offered an intelligent and bold vision for the future of Marion County.  The debate, held at the Scottish Rite Cathedral and broadcast live on WFYI, highlighted Kennedy’s commanding grasp of the issues and her commitment to ensuring Indianapolis is a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

Kennedy’s forward-thinking message and clear plan stood in stark contrast to Greg Ballard’s defensive and often reactionary mumblings.  Like the Tea Party that elected and controls him, Ballard displayed out of control negativity and an apparent disconnect with a community yearning for better schools, safer streets, and real jobs.

Ballard’s performance today was defined by regurgitated 2007 talking points, complaints about the prior administration, and a clear disregard for the concerns facing our community.  While this Mayor is happy to thoughtlessly spew criticisms, we remember that the ribbons he has cut for Lucas Oil Stadium, the Indianapolis Airport, and the Cultural Arts Center are all a direct result of the prior administration’s efforts.  In the shadow of the many outstanding Mayors before him, Ballard has been as lackluster as his performance today.      

We have a clear choice:  A leader who is ready to take this city to the next level, or a reactionary whiner who, despite crippling unemployment and dangerous streets, thinks we are doing just fine.

From the very beginning to her personal and impassioned closing statement, Melina Kennedy offered visionary solutions to the many challenges facing the families of Indianapolis.  In a time that demands action and competence, Mayor Greg Ballard’s failed leadership and broken promises continue to hold our city back.