Ballard Calls African Americans a "Difficult Population"

Chairman Announces Ad Denouncing Mayor's Remarks

Dear Democrats:

Over the course of this campaign, Mayor Greg Ballard has shown us how out of touch he really is.  Faced with 30,000 lost jobs, crime that is crippling the growth of many of our neighborhoods, and local schools that are struggling to provide an excellent education to our kids, Greg Ballard says he has been doing a good job.  I disagree.

My disappointment with the Mayor doesn’t stop there, though.  Just last week at a televised mayoral debate, when asked about high unemployment rates among minorities, Mayor Ballard referred to the African American community in Indianapolis as a “difficult population.” This is offensive and should not go unnoticed.

While the local news has yet to hold the Mayor accountable for these offensive statements, I refuse to look the other way.  The Marion County Democratic Party has released a radio ad this week to inform our community of these unacceptable remarks.  You can hear the ad by clicking below.




This Mayor is out of touch, out of ideas, and out of time.  Please get the word out to your neighbors, friends, and family that we need a change on November 8th.

Democratically yours,


Edward T. Treacy