Vernon Brown

Office Held: 
City-County Councillor, District 18
Mailing Address: 
Indianapolis, IN

Vernon Brown is serving his first term on the Council, having been elected in November 2003 to represent District 18 in Warren Township on the far eastside of Indianapolis. Brown is committed to making a positive contribution to improve neighborhoods and supports quality education opportunities.  He would like to see more recreational opportunities available to citizens on the far eastside.

Brown is a member of St. Andrew's Catholic Church and a school mentor.  He currently serves as a precinct committeeman in Warren Township, and formerly served as a precinct committeeman in Lawrence Township, as well as a member of the Warren Township Board, District 4. 

Brown has been an Indianapolis Fire Department firefighter for 24 years, and currently holds the merit rank position of Battalion Chief.  He and his wife Joy have two sons, one in high school and the other in graduate school.