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April 17, 2013

Please join this month’s Chairman’s Club speaker Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley on Thursday, April 25th as he discusses recent events in the city of Beech Grove.

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April 9, 2013

March 25, 2013

BREAKING: Bosma to Advance Ballard’s Bully Bill

Last week I emailed you about the lessons my mom taught me about fair play—lessons Mayor Ballard must not have learned.  I told you he was behaving like a bully and we needed your help.  Well, since that e-mail, some things have happened.  First, the Indianapolis Star rightly called the bill “the most egregious example of legislative overreach this year” in an Editorial titled “Kill the Bill that Would Cut Indy Council Seats.” Also, former Senator (and the Mayor that created Unigov) Richard Lugar came out against the bill.  Finally, the Star reported Speaker Brian Bosma is going to let the bill go forward.  

I’m going to be straight with you, if Republicans think they can pass this without people noticing, they will.  But, we’ve been standing up to the bullies and they are starting to feel the heat.  They don’t want the public to notice, and they don’t want checks and balances.  Of course, since they brought us Lincoln Plowman, Tim Durham, Charlie White and Carl Brizzi, you almost can’t blame them.  Of course, these are expensive fights, and I’d like to thank those who donated in response to our last e-mail.  Fully two-thirds of the donations were from people who had never given to the Marion County Democratic Party.  We really need your help.  Please donate $5 or $10 dollars today and forward this on to your friends and family.  Tell them we need to stand up to the bullies.


March 25, 2013

Dear Democrat,

My mom always taught me to be a good sport, play hard and play fair.  Apparently Mayor Ballard’s mother taught him a different set of lessons.  There is a bill moving in the legislature pushed by Mayor Ballard designed to change the rules of Indianapolis government.  His party has lost election after election and now he wants to change the rules.

March 22, 2013

Please join us on Thursday, March 28th for our monthly Chairman’s Club Breakfast downtown as we welcome Elizabeth Ramsey, Assistant Director of Enforcement for the NCAA. Elizabeth has worked at the NCAA national office in Indianapolis, Indiana for seven years and currently is in her fifth year with the enforcement staff. Ramsey was first introduced to the Democratic party by her parents. Her father, Ben Ramsey, served for nearly twenty years as the Executive Director of the Indiana State Building and Construction Trades Council.

**Not an MCDP Chairman’s Club member? Join today!**

For $360 a year (or $30 a month with our automatic debit option), you’ll have the opportunity to attend monthly breakfast meetings hosted by Chairman Joel Miller. Each meeting features a distinguished guest speaker and provides a great networking opportunity.

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January 29, 2013

Dear Fellow Democrats,

It has been a tremendous honor and privilege to serve as your Chairman for ten and a half of the past twelve years.  It is now time for a new Chairperson to lead us.  I will not be a candidate for re-election when our Party elects its leader on Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 (an official notice will be sent to eligible voters at a later date).

I would like to thank each and every Precinct Committeeperson, Vice Precinct Committeeperson, Ward Chair, Vice Ward Chair, Office Holder, financial supporter and ALL Democrats as our victories and accomplishments are born of your efforts.

In preparing this letter I reviewed my past letters to you; together we have transformed Marion County into a Democratic County.  We had only 48 Democrats serving in office in Marion County when I was first elected in February 2001 and when I first retired six years later we had 103 elected Democrats in office at the national, state, county, city, town and township levels.  Now in 2013 we have a new record of 123 elected Democrats holding office.

This occurred because all segments of our community have worked together to shape our ticket and to assure that they are truly representative of our voters.  I recently reviewed this list and was pleased to find out that 47% of all of our elected officials were of color, including three countywide Latino office holders. I believe that having our community being fairly represented has yielded a successful slating process, thus successful primaries and in 2012 we carried every slated candidate in the Primary.

When I first took office in March 2001, we had a one room office in the State Committees offices. We had one very old computer and its “guts” had been removed, absolutely no files-not even one piece of paper, a stool, and a desk comprised of an old door placed on cement blocks. Well, we’ve come a long way with updated professional offices and fulltime staff, space for all of our candidates and office holders. We also had a zero bank balance and bills to be paid. We now have a system of annual giving and a standing finance committee that helps to fund our campaigns.

In 2001, we had 914 precincts and on Election Day possibly 50% of the precincts were manned by Democrats and our Election Day efforts were typically aimed at turning out the vote in the 150 largest inner city precincts.

Today, the precincts have been trimmed to 600 and on Election Day we not only name the Inspectors, but also fill ALL board positions in those 600 precincts. We now man all of these 1800 positions on Election Day. We also recruit over 50 team captains and man over 320 phone lines on Election Day (including 225 portable phones owned by the Party).

This year our county wide candidates averaged over 61% of the vote. Our Marion County Democrat straight-line vote plurality set a new record of 65,185 votes ahead of the Republicans for an increase of 9,126 over our record 2008 straight line plurality and we delivered Senator Joe Donnelly a record plurality of 120,939 votes. I am enclosing a copy of my analysis of the last 4 election cycles for your review.

All of the gains for the Marion County Democrat Party have occurred because of your efforts. As I leave, I ask you to reflect and to make sure that if you think that those accomplishments ARE important, then for the future growth of our party, that you assure that my successor can maintain, improve and even make gains for our party. Our next Chairperson must lead our ticket in 2014 with Congressman Carson, Prosecutor Curry, Sheriff Layton and our other countywide candidates, state legislative and township candidates AND then complete our goal with a NEW Democrat MAYOR and re-elected city-county council in 2015.

Again, thank you, as you made it happen. It has been an honor!

Ed Treacy, Chairman

Marion County Democratic Party  

November 29, 2011

INDIANAPOLIS -November 28, 2011- Today, the leadership of the newly-elected Democratic majority of the 2012 Indianapolis-Marion County Council called on Council Republicans to abandon their ill-conceived attempts to establish new Council district boundaries before the end of the year.  Incoming Democratic Council leaders also called on Mayor Greg Ballard to rescind his recent order establishing new Indianapolis election precincts so that the bi-partisan Indiana Election Commission staff can review those precincts for compliance with state law.

Democratic Councillors Maggie L. Lewis (District 7), Brian Mahern (District 16) and Vern Brown (District 18) demanded the immediate withdrawal of the Republican redistricting proposal filed November 23, 2011.  Councillors Lewis, Mahern and Brown cited the lack of bi-partisan technical review of Mayor Ballard’s newly ordered precincts on which that Republican redistricting proposal is based, as well as a complete lack of opportunity for the Council Democratic caucus to participate in redistricting efforts.  

“Three weeks ago the voters soundly rejected the current Council’s Republican majority.  The lame duck Republican majority’s last minute attempt to ram through an eleventh hour redistricting proposal must stop immediately,” said Councillor Mahern, who the newly-elected Democratic Councillors selected as their nominee for Council Vice President next year.

The Council’s Democratic caucus has not proposed new Council district boundary maps due to:

  • New precincts for use in 2012 were ordered by Mayor Ballard with less than two hours before the deadline to introduce Council proposals for approval by the end of 2011
  • Mayor Ballard’s ordered precincts for use in 2012 have not been independently reviewed for compliance with state law by the bi-partisan Election Division of the Indiana Election Commission
  • The Council’s Republican majority provided itself financial resources to draft its proposed new Council district boundaries. No such resources were provided to the Council's Democratic caucus
  • Indiana state law requires that new Council district boundaries must be established next year, two years following the 2010 census

"Without the 2012 precinct boundaries soundly established, we believe it would be wasteful and foolhardy to try to establish new Council district boundary maps in the short remainder of this year, only to have to repeat the process all over again next year as required by state law," said Councillor  Mahern.
The Council Republicans’ last minute push to establish new Council district boundaries with precincts that lack bi-partisan review risks poisoning the well of cooperation next year.  

"Proceeding at this point to attempt to establish new Council district boundaries with not yet reviewed precincts before the end of this year would serve only to declare open war on the possibility of bi-partisanship next year between Mayor Ballard and the incoming Democratic-controlled Council,"  Councillor Mahern said.

Incoming Democratic Council leaders also called on Mayor Ballard to immediately rescind his November 22, 2011, precinct order.  Mayor Ballard’s November 22 order prevents the Election Division of the Indiana State Election Commission from conducting a technical review of those precincts.  

The Mayor has the responsibility for periodically establishing precinct boundaries, which are the basic geographic area for elections and the building blocks for constructing district boundaries for elective offices.  

The Election Division provides technical reviews for proposed precincts across the state.  

Mayor Ballard’s November 22 precinct order is the first time an Indianapolis Mayor has ordered precincts without the benefit of the technical review by the bi-partisan state election agency.  

"Prudence and fairness requires an independent bi-partisan technical review of 2012 precincts for state law compliance, particularly before anyone proposes new Council district boundaries based on those new precincts," said Councillor Mahern.

In an email sent November 23, 2011, shortly after receiving Mayor Ballard’s precinct order, the Indiana Election Commission’s Election Division warned the Mayor against ordering those precincts without such a technical review completed.  

“Each county that I have worked with has needed some form of assistance or review.  I would expect the largest county [Marion] to be the same,” wrote Michelle Misiukiewicz Brzycki of the Election Division.  “I have yet to receive a county submission that did not go through various changes during this review stage.  It is my strong recommendation that Mayor Ballard rescind that order to allow for [our] review and comment.”   

Yet, with apparent foreknowledge of the Mayor’s order finalizing the election boundaries without a bi-partisan technical review, the Council's Republican Caucus proposed new Council maps based on those precincts only a few hours after the Mayor ordered those precincts adopted and minutes before the deadline for Council proposals that can be approved before the end of the year.

"It is disappointing to learn that while we were extending the olive branch of bi-partisan cooperation by requesting a meeting with the Mayor to discuss how we could work together to move the city forward next year, the Mayor was colluding with the Council’s Republican caucus in this power grab to thwart the Democratic caucus from proposing any new Council boundary maps," said Councillor Mahern.

The newly elected Democratic Councillors have selected Councillor Maggie A. Lewis as their nominee for Council President next year.  They have also selected Councillor Vern Brown as Majority Leader for next year.


November 9, 2011

Dear Friends:

Last night marked the conclusion of what has been a hard-fought, often contentious battle.  Throughout this campaign, Democrats have brought forward innovative vision and displayed an unrelenting commitment to our city.  We raised issues that have never been raised before and challenged the status quo at every turn. For that, I am very proud.

Melina Kennedy has been an inspirational and devoted leader in this charge, striving to forge a new way forward for our community. Her commitment to this city is unwavering, and I am confident she will continue to make a positive impact for the people of Indianapolis. 

While we are all disheartened by the outcome of the race for mayor, it is important that we recognize our many successes as well. 

Across the county, Democrats secured significant victories.  I am pleased to congratulate Lawrence Mayor-elect Dean Jessup and Beech Grove Mayor-elect Dennis Buckley on their extraordinary campaigns.  It will be Democrats that will now take these cities to new heights.

 Also, as we move into 2012, we will do so with a Democratic majority on the City-County Council and four newly-elected, Democratic At-Large City-County Councilors: Zach Adamson, John Barth, Pam Hickman, and Leroy Robinson. 

Thanks to your hard work, our incumbent Councilors performed well also.  We will be blessed with the continued leadership of the following Councilors:

Councilor Jose Evans

Councilor Angela Mansfield

Councilor Maggie Lewis

Councilor Monroe Gray

Councilor Duke Oliver

Councilor Brian Mahern

Councilor Mary Moriarty Adams

Councilor Vernon Brown

And lastly, there will be several new faces on the City-County Council come January 1st.  I’m happy to congratulate the following newly-elected members of the Indianapolis City-County Council:

Councilor-elect Joe Simpson

Councilor-elect Steve Talley

Councilor-elect Vop Osili

Councilor-elect Frank Mascari

I am proud of the work we have done, and I look forward to the great work we will continue to do together. 

Democratically yours,

Ed Treacy


October 21, 2011

Dear Democrats:

Over the course of this campaign, Mayor Greg Ballard has shown us how out of touch he really is.  Faced with 30,000 lost jobs, crime that is crippling the growth of many of our neighborhoods, and local schools that are struggling to provide an excellent education to our kids, Greg Ballard says he has been doing a good job.  I disagree.

My disappointment with the Mayor doesn’t stop there, though.  Just last week at a televised mayoral debate, when asked about high unemployment rates among minorities, Mayor Ballard referred to the African American community in Indianapolis as a “difficult population.” This is offensive and should not go unnoticed.

While the local news has yet to hold the Mayor accountable for these offensive statements, I refuse to look the other way.  The Marion County Democratic Party has released a radio ad this week to inform our community of these unacceptable remarks.  You can hear the ad by clicking below.


This Mayor is out of touch, out of ideas, and out of time.  Please get the word out to your neighbors, friends, and family that we need a change on November 8th.

Democratically yours,


Edward T. Treacy


October 20, 2011

INDIANAPOLIS - Marion County Democratic Party Chairman Ed Treacy released today the following refutations to claims made in the struggling Ballard Campaign’s most recent negative attack ad:

CLAIM: Mayor Ballard is responsible for lower property taxes in Marion County.

FACT: The Mayor of Indianapolis has no direct effect on property taxes, and Ballard has raised the taxes that he does control over 140 times since taking office.

Local Government 101: Control over property taxes is vested with the State Legislature.  Despite Mayor Ballard’s misleading claims that he is responsible for lower property taxes, the fact remains that he had nothing to do with the decrease, the first of which took place before he took office.  Property taxes are lower, but residents can thank members of the State Legislature, not a Mayor desperate to stay in office, for the change in what they are paying. 

Furthermore, Mayor Ballard has raised taxes, rates and fees more than 140 times since taking office.  He gave $33.5 million in taxpayer money to bail out the Pacers, and for the first time in the city’s history, diverted property tax revenue to the Capital Improvement Board instead of to schools and local infrastructure.  He has invested our hard earned money in risky downtown developments.  He raised the hotel tax to be one of the highest in the country, and he has doubled parking fees, leasing the city asset to Texas-based company ACS.  Mayor Ballard is the only candidate for Mayor who has ever had the authority to raise taxes, and he has done so time and time again.

CLAIM:  Crime is down.

FACT:  In 2010, Forbes ranked Indianapolis as one of the most dangerous cities in the country.

Forbes Magazine ranked Indianapolis as one of the most dangerous cities in the country (Forbes).  Aggravated assaults, like the crimes that occurred on the Monon Trail, are way up, and Mayor Ballard has moved away from community policing as a tactic to fight crime.  In the year since that designation was made, things have gotten worse.  Crime is trending up significantly and people all over our city don’t feel safe.

When confronted with the very real fears gripping many of our neighborhoods, Ballard has ignored residents, instead hoping he can hold on to reelection by cherry-picking the data that serves him best.  Just in the last year, as Ballard has changed policing tactics and eliminated community policing, homicides and overall crime are up. 

Confidence in the Mayor has fallen significantly, and in September of 2011, the police forced dropped their endorsement of Greg Ballard, choosing to stand behind Democratic Mayoral Nominee Melina Kennedy. 

The Mayor has said that Public Safety is Job #1, but has made clear that he has no idea what is going on with his Public Safety Department:

Miscommunication arises over IMPD recruiting class delays | FOX59

Ballard Unaware: had promised November academy training

Public safety director promises changes at top of IMPD command | FOX59

Mayor Ballard says he has not been told about the proposed changes


“This Mayor has spent his entire campaign trying to run against the previous administration, rather than providing a vision for how our city can move forward,” said Chairman Ed Treacy.  “Melina’s commitment to education, to actually combating crime in our city, and to getting our neighbors back to work is exactly the kind of vision that stops looking back, and focuses on the future of Indianapolis.”