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January 7, 2014

The Southside Democrat Club has postponed their January 7th meeting until January 14th.

December 29, 2013

Congressman Andy Jacobs, Jr. was a true servant leader who was committed not just to the people of his district, but to people of this country.  With his trademark wit, he fought to lift up the middle class and to protect our right to vote, key principles at the core of the Democratic Party.  Congressman Jacobs was more than just a leader of our party, he was its conscience.  On behalf of the Marion County Democratic Party, our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this time. 

November 11, 2013

Thank you to our veterans.  Today we remember those who serve in our military and who have served in the past.  Take time to thank soldiers and veterans today for their dedication and sacrifice.  We are blessed with freedom and security because of them.

October 28, 2013



Do you all remember this Greg Ballard? You know, the one who bragged about being the first Tea Party Mayor in the United States? 

The same Greg Ballard who is rushing to complete construction on his $6 million cricket field of dreams.

The same Greg Ballard who touts public safety as “job one” while murders and violent crime in our city threaten us at every corner.

The same Greg Ballard whose effort to impose a property tax increase this year was shut down by our Democrats on the City-County Council. 

The same Greg Ballard who signed off on a sweetheart deal for a big Republican donor to move the Public Safety Regional Operations Center (ROC) into a building that the city has vacated because it isn’t safe (even though we are still on the hook to pay millions of dollars for decades).

The same Greg Ballard who travels the globe on political donor paid junkets while his staff runs our city.

Oh how far we have come. Greg Ballard’s rhetoric is so out of step with his actions that nobody really knows which Greg Ballard we are dealing with. 

Click here to make a contribution today and help us put an end to the reign of the Tea Party Mayor. 

October 15, 2013

Last night, Democrats’ leadership on the City-County Council passed a budget for our city.  For months now, Democrats have made it clear: we would only consider raising property taxes after turning over every stone in the budget to ensure the increase was necessary.

Greg Ballard and his cronies repeatedly attacked our Councillors, saying they were jeopardizing public safety.  This is the same Greg Ballard who chose to fund his $6 million boondoggle cricket stadium while vetoing a Democratic proposal to put $6 million dollars toward hiring new police officers.

It seems their baseless attacks were just that.  Last night’s budget passed with bipartisan support.  It funds 80 new police officers for Indianapolis.  It also does NOT raise your property taxes. 

How did this happen? 

Ballard and his cronies said over and over that the property tax increase was absolutely necessary.  So, why did they now agree to this budget? 

They weren’t telling you the truth. 

Democrat Councillors began to find different pots of money in the budget that could be used to fund public safety.  But Ballard said no.  Why?  What does he have in store for these dollars?  Another cricket stadium?  Another Regional Operations Center? (Keep your eye out for more on this story.) 

Who knows? 

Here is what I know.  When Democrats rolled up their sleeves, sharpened their pencils, and protected YOUR money, Ballard’s bluff crumbled.  The Ballard cronies suddenly “discovered” $5 million dollars lying around.  That’s right - $5 MILLION DOLLARS. 

Ballard told us the property tax increase was absolutely necessary.  Ballard said Democrats were “irresponsible” not to raise taxes. 

Ballard either doesn’t have a clue what is happening in his own office, or he’s been misleading us all along.  I really don’t care which one it is.  I am just happy that our Democrats on the City-County Council stared down his bluff and forced Ballard to fold on his raid on your money.

When you see your Democrat Councillors, thank them for their diligence and toughness.  They looked Greg Ballard in the eye – and didn’t flinch once.

September 20, 2013

The Marion County Democratic Party shares our city's deep grief this morning as we learn more about Officer Rod Bradway and his heroic actions in protecting the people of our city.  Our thoughts and prayers are with his loved ones, his law enforcement family, and with all public safety officers who protect our city every hour of the day.

September 10, 2013

Click below to watch the video - 



“I don’t intend to raise taxes. Period. We had a 65% tax increase.”

Greg Ballard - (Meridian Street Foundation Annual Meeting -  October 2007)


“I find it, I guess disturbing, I’ll just leave it at the word, at that adjective, disturbing that now everyone is talking about cutting spending after all of these tax increases of the last three years. Isn’t that a little bit backwards, shouldn’t we cut spending all we can and then raise taxes if we must?”

Greg Ballard - (Bates-Hendricks Neighborhood Forum – October 2007)


“And we can get the job done without asking for more of your money.”

Greg Ballard - (Ballard Campaign Ad with Kent Smith – 2007)

September 9, 2013

“Oh really?  Are we there still?”

Those are the first words out of Mayor Greg Ballard’s mouth when posed with a question from a citizen as to why the city can afford a cricket field but not pay for raises for police officers and firefighters.  From the tone of his response, it’s clear he doesn’t like being questioned about his field of dreams on the eastside.

When pressed further by The Indianapolis Star, that it does raise a question of his priorities, here’s what he says:

“No, it’s not a valid (question). Do you want me to shut down the park system? I mean, that’s kind of what they’re saying here, right? “We don’t want parks. Everything has to go to this other thing.” Of course we want parks, and we will continue to develop parks. But when we have one-time money from this (RebuildIndy) fund, we have to use it for capital projects.”

It’s a clumsy attempt to shift the paradigm.  It’s not working.  Greg Ballard has closed public pools and many of our parks are poorly maintained and quite neglected.  And while he tries to shift attention away from his failures, people are dying in the streets of Indy.  We need cops, not cricket, and people across Indianapolis are shaking their heads at the extent Greg Ballard will go to protect his pet project.

I’ll let you read the interview for yourself, but it’s clear that Greg Ballard has lost touch with the people of Indianapolis.  He certainly doesn’t like to answer their questions, particularly about his extensive and costly overseas junkets.  His response to why doesn’t he stay home and focus on the problems here?

“Oh, you mean the over half a billion dollars of RebuildIndy money that we’ve put into the city of Indianapolis? Or the murder rate being below 100 for the last three years? The crime rate being down again this year? I mean, all the building, all the economic development that’s been going on in the city — it’s been very strong.”

Half a billion dollars?  Then why is he now back asking for huge tax increases in this year’s budget? Greg Ballard is misspending our money with his backward priorities.  He also can’t even be bothered with a question from a citizen about the possibility for restroom facilities for runners and bikers by IUPUI and the river walk.  His response?

“I’ve never heard that, so I don’t know about that situation.”

Out of touch.  Misplaced priorities.  Rude and dismissive to the taxpayers who pay his salary. 

I’ve had enough.  Have you?

August 28, 2013

Our speaker for August’s Chairman’s Club Breakfast this Thursday, August 29th has changed. Our speaker is now Aaron Schaler, President of Indiana Stonewall Democrats.

Chairman’s Club membership fees are $360 for one year, $180 if you are a student or retiree. For your convenience, we offer a monthly automatic debit option with your membership. If you wish to enroll, your account will be debited $30 on the 15th of each month ($15 each month for student or retiree). It is easy to enroll by clicking the link here. Remember, you must be a current member of our Chairman’s Club in order to attend the breakfasts. Entry is $10.

If you have any questions, please contact Alexis Mills at 317-637-3366, or