Washington Township Democratic Club Meeting

June 20, 2012
Northside Knights of Columbus
2100 E 71st Street

The Washington Township Democratic Club invites you to join us for a discussion of Redistricting and a presentation about how YOU can draw the lines.


On Wednesday, June 20, Julia Vaughn, Policy Director of Common Cause Indiana will give us an important preview of their computer program to "Draw Marion County," which will be made available to citizens of Indianapolis. The first "training session" which will be open to the public will take place in Washington Township, at the Nora Public Library, on the Saturday following our meeting.


Brian Mahern, Vice President of City-Council, and other Council members hope to be with us also to give important insight to why our Councillors voted recently for allocation of funds (180,000 dollars) for the required Redistricting and of the significance of citizen involvement in the cycle. (Note: Mayor Ballard announced his veto today.)


We hope you will join us at our 6:45 Meeet and Greet, with presentations to follow at 7 PM. The North Side K of C facility is located at 2100 East 71st Street.